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Portfolio Requirements

The last step to obtain the FLTP Certificate is completing your portfolio. It gives you an opportunity to place your language technology expertise in the wider context of your academic experience as a student, a teacher, and a scholar. The specific format and components of your portfolio are up to you. A professional portfolio can contain items such as your curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, descriptions of class activities, and a dissertation abstract. Since it introduces you professionally, it is unique to you.

Note: a portfolio is NOT an exhaustive and chronological collection of everything you have accomplished in graduate school, but rather a careful selection of elements that illustrate your professional profile.

One of the goals of the portfolio is for you to demonstrate what you have learned through the FLTP. Thus, your portfolio must include the presentation of at least one instructional technology project that meets the following criteria:

  1. Instructional in nature
  2. Used in an actual classroom setting where you can describe and assess its usefulness as a teaching tool

Your portfolio should provide detailed and specific information about the following aspects of your instructional technology project(s).

  • The overall goal of your project
  • A description of your learning objectives
  • A justification of the technology used
  • Reflections on project development and management
  • Assessment plan and results (learning outcomes)
  • Suggestions for changes and improvement
  • A link to a pdf version of your lesson plan(s), handouts, etc.

Visit our showcase page to view examples of completed projects. As you begin to develop your project, make sure to meet with the Director (Susanna P. Pàmies:, 303-492-2355), to talk about your project's scope and timeline. Both instructional design and technological support resources are available to you at ALTEC as you construct your portfolio.

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