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Portfolio Showcase


Kusum Knapczyk's Portfolio
Kusum Knapczyk

Kusam Knapczyk has a PhD in Hindi Literature from Jawaharial Nehru University. She is currently teaching Hindi at the University of Colorado Boulder, and working on a first year Hindi Reader. In her portfolio, Kusum discusses the way she uses Camtasia Studio to create video tutorials for her flipped Hindi classes.

María Ramirez's Portfolio
María Ramirez

María Ramirez has a Masters in Spanish from Colorado State University. She is currently an instructor in International Studies. In her portfolio, Maria discusses the way she uses Camtasia Studio to create video tutorials for her flipped Spanish classes.


Filippo Serepanti's Portfolio
Filippo Screpanti

Filippo has a Master's in French literature from the University of Colorado Boulder. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Romance Studies at Duke University. In his portfolio, Filippo explains how he uses Voicethread to help students become more confident speakers of French. Fillippo is also an experienced user of a wide range of tools such as Narrable, Yabla and Google Apps.


Laura D'Anna's Portfolio
Laura D'Anna

Laura D'Anna is a PhD candidate researching French Renaissance Literature in the Department of French and Italian. Laura's portfolio highlights a few technologies she uses in her French classroom including the online video resource, Yabla, CU's learning management system, and Quizlet. She also presents a more extensive look at using Google Hangouts in the blended learning environment.

Michaela Maier's Portfolio
Michaela Maier

Michaela Maier studied and taught German for the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures for the 2013-2014 academic year. Michaela's portfolio explains her experience with creating a course blog in Blogger to provide a forum for authentic communication for her German students. She also walks us through her uses of other educational technologies such as Quizlet, Rubistar, Glogster, Vocaroo and Screencast-o-matic.


Saleh Alharthi's Portfolio
Saleh Alharthi

Saleh Alharthi completed his Master's in Linguistics specializing in TESOL here at CU Boulder. In his teaching portfolio, Saleh provides us with a perspective on the integration of technology in the TESOL classroom. Check out his presentation of a number of mobile apps for the language classroom, with an emphasis on Arabic L1 speakers.

Hillary Anthamatten's Portfolio
Hillary Anthamatten

Hillary Anthamatten is a French teacher at Littleton High School, Colorado. She has twelve years experience teaching French in public high schools in Minnesota, Kansas and Colorado and two years experience teaching French language classes at the college level. In her portfolio, she presents the various ways in which she uses Edmodo, Glogster, Voki and Wikispaces to engage her students and help them practice their language skills in a fun yet challenging context. Make sure to check out the fashion show activity she designed in Glogster.

Jorge Martínez Guillem's Portfolio
Jorge Martínez Guillem

Jorge Martínez Guillem is a graduate student in Hispanic Linguistics at CU Boulder. Before coming to CU, Jorge received an MA in Languages and Technology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in Spain. In Jorge's Portfolio, he presents a collaborative writing project in which his introductory Spanish students used a Wiki to write their own fairytale. Visit his portfolio for an explanation of this amazing project!

Rachel Sabre's Portfolio
Rachel Sabre

Rachel Sabre is a French teacher at Thornton High School, Colorado. She has fifteen years experience teaching French. She taught all levels of French including International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma. In her portfolio, she presents the various ways in which she uses blogs, Glogster and Voicethread to design multimodal activities for her students.

Sangbok Kim's Portfolio
Sangbok Kim

Sangbok Kim is a Korean instructor for Asian Languages and Civilizations at CU Boulder. His portfolio showcases his extensive work creating conversational exercises for his Korean students. He has used technologies including Audacity, PowerPoint and Camtasia to create activities that model real life elements of conversation such as turn-taking.

William Gonzalez's Portfolio
William Gonzalez

William Gonzalez is a Spanish teacher at Crown Pointe Academy of Westminster, Colorado. He has been teaching Spanish to Kindergarteners through 8th graders for 23 years. In his portfolio, William shows how he uses a wide range of technologies such as Voki, Voicethread, Glogster and Prezi to create engaging language activities for his students.


Katherine Meis' Portfolio
Katherine Meis

Katherine Meis received her MA in Spanish Literature in May of 2012. In her portfolio, Katherine presents and evaluates three technologies that she has enjoyed using in her introductory Spanish language classes, Xtranormal, Photo Story 3, and Skype. If you are interested in using Skype in your own language classroom, check out her detailed explanation of the virtual language exchanges between her students and students at Madrid's Autonomous University.

Tyson Hazard's Portfolio
Tyson Hazard

Tyson Hazard completed his MA in Spanish Literature at CU in May of 2012. Tyson used Weebly to display his portfolio. In his portfolio, Tyson does an exemplary job of presenting the technologies that he uses in his introductory Spanish classes including Facebook, Glogster, and Wikis. Visit his portfolio for sample lesson plans and inspiration for your own portfolio!


Fang Liang's Portfolio
Fang Liang

Fang Liang was a master's candidate and graduate teaching assistant in Chinese for Asian Languages and Civilizations at CU Boulder. Her portfolio presents her use of numerous technologies in her classroom, such as digital storytelling through PowerPoint, quizzes through Poll Daddy, and VoiceThread and Voki for student speaking practice.

Judith McDonald's Portfolio
Judith McDonald

Judith McDonald is an Italian lecturer for the Department of French and Italian at CU Boulder and completed her portfolio in 2011. In her portfolio, Judith discusses her use of the CU Course Management System and then describes her students' Photo Story 3 final digital storytelling projects.

Zhe Zhang's Portfolio
Zhe Zhang

Zhe Zhang completed her MA in Chinese in 2011 through the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations. Her portfolio features Photo Story 3 and discusses methodology for creating listening projects for her Chinese language students.

Ahneka Valdois

Ahneka Valdois received her MA from CU's TESOL program through the Department of Linguistics in 2011. Her portfolio is not currently available to view.


Courtney's Portfolio
Courtney Fell

Courtney Fell is a Spanish lecturer at CU Boulder. She is also currently working at ALTEC helping Edwige with faculty technology training and development of the FLTP. Her portfolio demonstrates how she used a webquest to teach students about Argentina's "Dirty War". Courtney won the best portfolio award in 2009.

Claudia's Portfolio
Claudia Hendricks

Claudia Hendricks completed her FLTP certification in 2009 when she was a lecturer in the Spanish and Portuguese department at CU Boulder. Her portfolio demonstrates how she uses VoiceThread and digital video to enhance her students' learning experience.

Kathleen's Portfolio
Kathleen Colwell

Kathleen Colwell was a lecturer in the Spanish and Portuguese department at CU Boulder. Her portfolio demonstrates how she uses Ning (a social networking platform) and web-based videos to introduce her students to Spanish music.

Nancy Bocanegra's Portfolio
Nancy Bocanegra

Nancy Bocanegra is a Spanish lecturer for the Division of Continuing Education at CU Boulder and is also a Spanish teacher for Boulder Public Schools. Her portfolio demonstrates how she uses VoiceThread to provide additional speaking practice for her students as well as other technologies to improve her students' experience in her Spanish class.


Maggie's Portfolio
Maggie McCullar

Maggie McCullar received her doctorate in Spanish from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at CU Boulder in 2011. Maggie's portfolio demonstrates how she uses many technologies such as VoiceThread, Photo Story 3, Blogs and Scribd to help her students develop and practice their language skills. Maggie won the best portfolio award in June 2008.

Dorismel's Portfolio
Dorismel Díaz-Perez

Dorismel Díaz-Perez was a doctoral candidate at CU in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. He is now a Spanish lecturer at Clemson University. His portfolio, which is no longer accessible, demonstrated how he used Blogs and interactive PowerPoint activities in his first and second year Spanish language classes.

Maria's Portfolio
María Sáiz

María Sáiz graduated from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at CU Boulder in May 2008. She then went on to be the TA coordinator in the department of Romance Languages at the University of Cincinnati. Her portfolio, which unfortunately is no longer accessible, demonstrated how she used Blogs and Podcasts in her third year Spanish language classes.

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